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Accepting the Unspoken Apology

Have you ever had someone hurt you? Badly? Not just anyone, but someone close to you.

My mom once told me that the people closest people to you can and will hurt you the most.

I NEVER understood that growing up. I knew it happened. I just could not understand why.

Then, I got it! It clicked. What exactly clicked for me? The vulnerability.

That's right. Those closest to you hurt you the absolute most because you are vulnerable with them. They know you. They know your heart. It's not like serving at a restaurant, trying your absolute best to meet all of your expectations and then the cook adds the cheese to the inside of the omelet that you asked for no cheese on. The server usually takes the brunt of the criticism and harsh words, but they didn't make the mistake. You're not upset with the server, you're upset with the situation.

Not the case with a loved one. Your loved one knows you. They know what makes you smile as well as what it is that makes you upset and even hurts you. So when they use words that cut you like a knife, you feel it more.

What's even worse? They KNOW they hurt you because you tell them it hurt and they don't apologize.

Sometimes they come around. Other times, they don't.

There is a scripture that says, in essence, as far as it depends on YOU, live at peace with others (Romans 12:18). And sometimes, that means forgiving someone without an apology.

Jesus didn't die for the just, but the unjust. Jesus asked His Father to forgive them for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34). And He said that as the crowd cheered on as he was hanging from a cross dying!

For me, I've learned that there are times that my relationship with those people worth forgiving the offense. I have also learned to seek God and ask Him to intervene and move on their hearts, because it is HE that can change the hearts of man.

Challenge: That person that holds a special place in your life that has hurt you, pray for them. Pray that God would bring to their attention the wound they have caused you. Pray for restoration of that friendship.

I pray that God would heal your heart as well as your broken relationship.

Blessings <3

Nia Grace

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