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Hey Mama, You are Enough

Hey there! You, reading this. You are enough. You are doing a great job being a mother to the tiny people God blessed you with.

You're thinking "This lady doesn't even know me." You're correct. I do not. But what I do know is that we place lofty expectations on ourselves based on what others have to say.

It's 2022. Everyone has immediate access to everything. Social Media tells us how our hair should be, what size we should be, and the highlight reel for everyone we have ever known in our lives.

Okay, you're not the mama that does a 100% plant-based diet. You're not that mama that bakes homemade bread and cookies weekly. You're not the mama that can physically get out there with your kiddos and practice soccer or basketball because of medical reasons. You're not the mama that can afford extravagant birthday parties and vacations.

But you are the mama that shows up. You are the mama who ensures her kids have full bellies before you make your plate. You are the mama that shouts the loudest on the sidelines. You are the mama that makes handmade decorations and makes that birthday special in every way that you can with what you have.

You are the mama that speaks life into her children. Those words of encouragement will ring in their heads for years to come. How do I know? I still hear the uplifting things that my mother said to me in my thirties.

You can also be the tired mama. And the sad mama. But you are always the mama that pushes through. The mama carries the weight of the household on her shoulders, yet never once allows the children to see the weight of the stress.

I get it. You can be reading this thinking "parts of this do not match who I am." Well, speak it over yourself just as I have spoken it over you.

DO NOT allow social media or anyone else to dictate your success. There will always be someone that has more and can do more. What you can comfortably provide for your family is more than enough. From the food you cook to the gifts you give.

Transparency moment: Growing up, my family had little. I had no idea we were working-class poor. When I tell you I had the best birthdays and holidays with my parents, I mean it.

From the games my dad played with all of the neighborhood kids to baking cakes and brownies with my mom. It was all so memorable.

I didn't know that we played in the field because we didn't have money for amusement parks. I didn't know that those weekly baking sessions were because we couldn't afford snack cakes. I just remember the time and love I felt in everything that they did for us.

So, if you needed an example, there it is.

You are MORE than enough. God knew what He was doing when He made you their mother.

I pray you have a blessed Christmas season <3

<3 Blessings,

~ Nia Grace

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