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Reflections from a Chaotic Year

Rember at the end of 2019 when the world was normal and everyone was excited for 2020 and claiming it to be their year? Then 2020 came and everything changed? It seemed as if everyone put all of their plans, hopes, and dreams on hold. There was an extreme amount of fear and uncertainty.

Then we started 2021 and a lot hadn't changed. There is still a lot of discord and noise. Some of us are still overwhelmed by fear at times which is completely understandable and there is still no end in sight to all of the madness.

2021 also brought out some great things for me and my personal growth. I have learned some things about myself and the person I want to be over the past year.

So much of my life is spent pleasing others. If anything was learned, it was certainly these things:

  • If it disturbs my peace, it's time to say peace out!

That means no more doing a damned thing that puts me in a bad headspace mentally or emotionally to benefit someone else. That does not mean that I will not get outside of my comfort zone, but it does mean that I will not be attending functions, participating in conversations, or even taking phone calls that will raise my blood pressure. The Holy Spirit is my peace, and I will allow someone to steal from me what God has given me.

  • If it interferes with my family, it's not worth my time.

Anyone that knows me well knows that ya girl is always lending a helping hand to others. Often times to my own detriment. Seriously, I will sacrifice my time, my sleep, and even my coffee money to help out those that I care deeply for. Even if I know that it is something someone else would never in a million years do for me, if possible, I will do it. At one point, I had gotten to the point I was taking a lot of time away from the family that God had given me. The one that I am creating with my husband with the children that God blessed us with. I learned to set some hard boundaries with my family time, And if that cannot be understood, then it's time for them to make their exit.

  • Learn to ask for help.

This one is a bit cliche. I'll own it. But let me tell ya, I thought 2020 was a year of challenges. NOPE!!! 2021 came with a different set of challenges for me. Balancing working, parenting, relationships, and trying to drink enough water was a challenge. I felt disorganized and overwhelmed. I'm sure you've read my other blog describing how chaotic our family schedule can be. I don't think there was a place on that list that I took care of me. But, I had to learn to reach out the those that love me to help. The ones that could fill in and grab the kids or keep them for a night to make sure that my husband and I are actively working on our marriage. I guess this one could be summed up by saying: 2021 is the year that I learned to swallow my pride.

  • Prioritize my time with The Lord

Total transparency here: I'm constantly working on this. Let me tell you, I am at my best, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, when I spend time with the Lord. When I am in The Word and praying regularly, I am a much better person. My spirit doesn't feel so heavy. Sometimes I get so caught up in the business of just doing life and it goes by the wayside. This isn't fair to those I love, myself, and most importantly God. I've come up with some different ways to make sure that I'm spending time with The Lord. But let me tell you something when God wants your attention, He will get it! I'm trying to remain focused for 2022 and just dive much deeper than I have before.

Everyone has different things that they struggle with. Things they need to overcome. My prayer for you for 2022 is that you take the time to get to know yourself in Christ this year. I encourage you to take the time to reflect on last year and not so much make New Year's Resolutions but to set real tangible goals for growth.



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