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The Beautiful Chaos

Hey there! So listen, I get it. You're busy. I'm busy. And at times it is literally nothing more than pure and utter chaos.

We'll take say Tuesdays at my house. Tuesdays during the school year are the busiest! That schedule looks a little something like this:

6:30am: Mom gets home from work and feeds the dog

6:45am: Dad leaves for work

7:00am: Mom either reads her Bible or falls asleep

7:45am: Wake the kids up (or panic because mom fell asleep and didn't pack lunches)

8:20am: Get the kids to school

8:40am: Mom gets home

9:00am: Mom fails at falling asleep, so she cleans

10:30am: Mom can't stay awake anymore and falls asleep

2:00pm: Mom's alarm goes off and she tells Alexa to shut up

3:00pm: Nana (Mom's mom), calls mom to make sure she's awake

Mom says SUREEEE while putting on pants and walking out the door

3:20pm: Kid's are out of school

3:45pm: Get the kids out of the door for gymanstics

4:30pm: First kid's gymnastics class- second kid does homework

5:30pm: First kid is done, now does homework as well (still at the gym)

6:30pm: Second kid's class begins and Dad arrives to allow mom to get home to cook and sleep

7:00pm: Mom throws something in the oven or instantapot, says a prayer and takes a nape before work

8:00pm Second kid's class ends

8:30: Family arrives home and eats and finishes homework

9:30pm: Mom wakes up and kids shower

10:00pm: Kids lay down, mom says good night and leaves for work

If you're exhausted just from reading that, imagine DOING that! So yes, I get exhaustion and burn out. And sometimes it is pure and utter CHAOS.

And mommy sometimes loses her temper. One kid is always missing a shoe and the other can never find an acceptable snack. And did anyone else notice that nowhere on this list does it mention mom eating?

But then, in the car, on the 30 min ride to gymnastics and while fighting traffic, mom hears all about the kid's days at school. All about gym, art, STEM and of course every kids favorite, RECESS!

That's the moment mama realizes that these moments are precious. This won't last forever. There's going to come a day where the kids will drive themselves. They won't need mom to make their snack anymore. And they'll pack their own lunch, taking away mom's opportunity to leave an encouraging note for them for the day or just to say I love you.

I'm a young mom. My kids are school age but not into junior high or high school yet. And some of the moments from preschool and kindergarten are even becoming distant memories as time goes on and new memories are created.

I remember when my oldest was a newborn and feeling overwhelmed. Feeling like that stage of life was forever. Getting frustrated to wake up and nurse and dragging myself to work or school tired in the morning.

"The nights are long, but the years are short."

A saying that I'm finding more and more truth in as my children grow older and need me less and less. I think back to those sleepless nights when they could not even hold their head up without my help and I miss it. But at the same time, I am reminded to enjoy the moment. I'm reminded that the chaos is only temporary. It doesn't last forever. Yesterday I held their hands as they learned how to walk and today I'm watching them throw themselves into the air while flipping and leaning how to stick the landing.

Time waits for no one. It is often times under valued. Life is chaotic. It can be hectic and even overwhelming. But I encourage you. Take a moment. Breath. And enjoy the moment.

"The nights are long, but the years are short."

Whatever phase you are currently in right now, just know that you are doing GREAT!


Enjoy the beauty in the chaos :)

<3 Nia

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2 Kommentare

e Harris
e Harris
30. Okt. 2021

Take a breath and just lean into it 🙂.

Gefällt mir

The years are so very short! Your day sounds exhausting, but memory filled

Gefällt mir
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