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An Open Letter to My Daughter

To my precious daughter,

I see you. I see you when you think no one is looking. I have read your notes to Jesus that have been left all over the house, I see the tears well up in your eyes when you think that I’m going to be disappointed in you and I see the joy in your eyes when we make eye contact while I cheer you on from the sidelines.

Honey, you are not a disappointment. You are not a burden. You are not required to fulfill any expectations that anyone has put on you. You hold the key to your destiny. The Word of God says “In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9) Plan your course, but allow God to lead your steps.

Make sure that you guard your heart (Proverbs 4:3). You are so young and you have so much life ahead of you. Yet, at the same time, you carry wisdom well beyond your year. DO not allow peer pressure to consume you and steal your innocence.

You, my darling have the most amazing smile. You do not only light up the room when you smile, but you also make others smile. Your smile is what the world needs more of.

And yes, mama is hard on you. But that is because you are capable of SO much! And I do not want you to sell yourself short. You are kind, caring, and compassionate. You are the blessing a 20-year-old Nia needed in a time of darkness.

You may feel that you cannot live without me, but it is I that need you. You saved me from spiraling into a deep and dark place. You are the one that inspires me daily to be more than I am and to be a better woman. I know that you are watching me, and I know that my actions and choices in life directly reflect your choices at this stage of your life.

You are incredibly smart. Your intelligence is not determined by the marks you receive on a grade card. You are quick-witted and logical. Your problem-solving skills could put a lot of adults to shame.

Make sure that you always stand up for yourself, and others. If others are picking on someone else and you are there and silent, they see you as a bully as well. Rember what James 4:17 says. In essence, knowing what is right and choosing not to do it is sin. They may pick on you as well, but now it is two against the crowd instead of the one. That simple choice, that bold decision can change someone's life.

Never make yourself small for anyone. You have a larger-than-life personality and do not allow anyone to make you feel as if you do not matter. You are not bossy. Your superior organizational skills as well as your natural leadership abilities are interpreted that way to try to belittle you and steal your shine. Walk in that God-given ability.

And when you do lead, do not be a brute and rule with an iron fist. Instead, lead with love, kindness, and compassion. Remember that at some point you were where those you are leading at are at the time. It is with grace and compassion that you will lead others to succeed. When one of your subordinates accomplishes greater success than you, cheer them on and be happy for them! The day will come and you will be proud.

Just as one day, you will do greater things than I have. And when you do, I will be there, cheering you on as I always have.

You are still a child, not even age 13 yet. You are not expected to know what it is that you want to do for the rest of your life and do not allow anyone else to tell you differently. You can do anything and everything that you want to.

I pray that my life models one that shows you the love of Christ, and that you choose to follow Jesus on your own. That you choose a true relationship with Christ, not religion, and that you fall so deeply in love with God that your heart will be so wrapped up in Him, any man that wants to get to you will have to seek Him first.

And finally, my mini-me, your beautiful brown skin is a blessing. Your curls are your crown, and there is nothing wrong with sprinkling that Black Girl Magic EVERYWHERE! Your skin tone is a gift and trust me, Love, so many people would love to have it. You were blessed with every feature you have, from your twinkling eyes to your toes. You are one of a kind. And I thank God that He made you mine.

Love always,

Your Mama <3

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