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Getting out of "Rage Mode"

As promised, I'm transparent.

There was a time I was SO incredibly short tempered with my children. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING they did drove me absolutely insane! Girl, listen, I would get mad at them for talking. You read that right, TALKING! And if you're a mom you know that the kids do not stop.

And one day I just really felt in my spirit that something HAS TO CHANGE!

I hated that my kids were walking on egg shells around me and didn't even want to speak. I hated feeling angry all the time and all of the negative side-effects that the anger and stress had on my body. It was time for a change. Here's what I did and I hope it helps you too.

1. Seek God

I told y'all, my relationship with Christ is a priority for me. I am aware that everyone reading this may not have that, but know that this is where I like to start, at the foot of the cross. I felt in my spirit something was off on the inside. I once again made it a priority to seek God and I was more open to hearing His voice and knowing where to go from there.

2. Identify The Problem

Why was ya girl so mad? Why was I so worked up all of the time? and it wasn't just with my kids, I mean every little thing in my life set me off. For me? It was stress. I am a MASTER procrastinator. And by master, I mean I wrote the book on how to put things off. That caused me an extreme amount of stress. I had laundry to do, kids to feed, tasks to finish for work, kids to run to sports and I think I'm supposed to sleep somewhere in there? Maybe it isn't procrastination or stress. Maybe it's something else. But identifying the issue is step number one.

2. Identifying solutions

Once I was able to identify the source of my anger, how was I going to resolve it? For me, I DELEGATED. Meaning, it was worth it to me, a working wife and mother, to invest about $200 a month into having someone else clean the common areas of the house, and every now and then dropping off the laundry that I was behind on to the laundry mat. Those were two major things that I felt like I was failing at as a mother. And it's not so much that I was failing, but more that I was overwhelmed. Knowing the difference between the two also helped me out immensely! Maybe speaking with someone about time management. Using a planner for meals and time will help. Make a list. Have a friend look over it. Make sure that list of things quiet time with God is near the top.

3. Make a Plan

So, now we've sought God. We know WHY we're trippin. We've brainstormed Ways to figure out how we're going to get out of it. MAKE THAT PLAN GIRL!!! That's right. Pen and paper if you have to. Get an app if you'd please but let's make some moves to succeed here. You got this!

4. Execute the Plan

You got it! Let's keep moving! No further explanation needed.

5.Reevaluate if necessary

It's such an amazing feeling when you start to feel that weight come off of you. When FINALLY feel that release and your body recovers from all of the anger you'll finally be free. But it is SO important to reevaluate from time to time. You may feel yourself falling back into what I call "Rage Mode". It'll happen. But now you have the steps to get yourself out of it. You got this!

I still find myself dealing with this from time to time. We are human. It happens. But knowing how to get out of it is key.

Bouns tip: Find someone to confide in. I am what you call a verbal processor. I talk out my issues. Because of that, I don't hold on tight to offenses because I have found a way to let it all out. Godly advice is a blessing.

I pray this helps you

<3 Blessings

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