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Coffee, Christ and Cuss Words

A perfectly imperfect mama loved by a Perfect Savior <3

An imperfect woman running on Grace from my Savior, excessive amounts of coffee and cuss words <3

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The Mama I Needed

This is to you, The strong mama. Yes, you! You are strong, even if you think you are weak. How do I know? Because you are a mother. You...

The Opposite of Love is?

HATE! Right?! It HAS to be!!! What ELSE can it be?! Well, let's break this down. But where does hate come from? We don't just have hate...

The Beautiful Chaos

Hey there! So listen, I get it. You're busy. I'm busy. And at times it is literally nothing more than pure and utter chaos. We'll take...

Mindset Shift

Sometimes life is great. Everything is going well, work is amazing, things with your significant other and your kids are amazing and it...

Welcome! Start Here!

Welcome to Coffee, Christ and Cuss Words! This is not your ordinary blog with recipe ideas and parenting tips. (If I find some we think...

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